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Image of Savoy - Lackluster Me (Vinyl/T-shirt bundle) Image of Savoy - Lackluster Me (Vinyl/T-shirt bundle)

Savoy - Lackluster Me (Vinyl/T-shirt bundle)

22.90 – 34.90
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  • Vinyl - 22.90
  • Vinyl T-shirt bundle (size: small) - 34.90
  • Vinyl T-shirt bundle (size: medium) - 34.90
  • Vinyl T-shirt bundle (size: large) - 34.90
  • Vinyl T-shirt bundle (size: x-large) - 34.90
  • Vinyl T-shirt bundle (size: XXL) - 34.90
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Gatefold cover, 140gram black vinyl.
For the very first time on LP( includes the CD).The bands classic 2nd album is now available outside its native Norway for the first time.

Norwegian/ American band Savoys 2nd album "Lackluster Me" from A-Ha star Pål Waaktaar-Savoy other band . The album originally came out in 1997 and only in Norway.